The Hot-Dry-Windy Index (HDWI)

We're again experiencing some network issues with the HDWI images. In the short term, try reloading the page every minute or two until you get images to appear. We're working on a fix now.

HDWI Status:

HDWI Forecasts, 30-year CFSR Climatology, and 30-day GEFS analysis archive available through the dropdowns here:

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HDWI Forecasts also available through the clickable map here:

How to use this page:

This site is the home for real-time plotting of the Hot-Dry-Windy Index (HDWI) using the GEFS ensemble. More information about HDWI, the GEFS ensemble, the CFSR climatology, and the plots available on this site can be found using the sidebar links on the left.

You can access the plots in two ways:

Method 1: Use the dropdown menus to select the product you want (GEFS analysis and forecast with climatology background or full-year 30-year climatology) and the latitude and longitude points you want. Click "Go!" and a new window/tab will open up with the image you've selected.

Method 2: Click on the map to get the analysis/forecast product for the nearest grid point. The clickable map does not have the climatology-only plots.

Note that with either method, you can bookmark the opened image in a browser if you want to look at the same plot location for multiple days.

We are also running HDWI for Alaska (see the left sidebar). Other future work plans include an archive of HDW plots and additional case studies of fires on the Case Study page.

All of the products on this website are still in active development and should not be considered operational. We make every attempt to keep this site updated, but outages may happen. Use these products at your own risk.