Contacting the HDW Development Crew

If you have questions about HDW, please contact Jay Charney () or Brian Potter (). If you have specific questions or suggestions about the website and interface, please contact Alan Srock ().

Acknowledgements and Other Info:

HDW was initially devised in 2013 over food and drinks by Jay Charney (USFS-NRS, Lansing, MI), Scott Goodrick (USFS-SRS, Athens, GA), Brian Potter (USFS-PNWRS, Seattle, WA), and Alan Srock (St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN). We've been refining the HDW concept for years since that initial discussion, and the end result is what you see here. More recently, Jessica McDonald (Texas Tech University; formerly St. Cloud State University) has joined us to help with the climatology and making all of these plots work. All of us are happy to help with any HDW questions you might have.

Also, a huge thanks is due to the people who have helped with feedback and research for HDW along the way. In particular, we'd like to acknowledge Larry Van Bussum, Robyn Heffernan, Darren Clabo, Julia Ruthford, McKenzie Kulseth, Sharon Zhong, and a whole host of IMETs who have given us encouragement and suggestions. Keep the comments coming, everyone!